Reading Aloud as Storytelling

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Reading aloud is as evocative and enriching as the age old art of storytelling. Storytelling is an ancient art of Oral history. Books are a revolutionized platform  of preserving  and recording this rich history as much as technology has advance storytelling and reading  from Amazon into Kindle, iPad and Kobo. Characters come alive, dialogue dances out of storybooks, emotions ride on a roller coaster and settings sail around the world. Storytelling and reading aloud are words that transform emotion into motion. The child and even adult is taken on an emotional and intellectual ride that facilitates both affective and cognitive development.

Children are elevated into a world of fantasy and illusion, but also a world built on fact and nature. They start differentiating between fact and fiction, develop their intellectual. emotional, spiritual, and environmental intelligence. Therefore the earlier a child is introduced to literature and literacy, the earlier the child develops empathy and compassion and understands the effects of choices and decision making. It allows for bonding between parents or care givers and children and creates an aura of mutual trust. The child believes then, that the parent can effectively and affectively have a direct influence on his or her life.

The channels for questions, deeper thinking and intellectual advancement becomes expansive. Communication, language development , visualizing and effective listening skills are developed and expanded. The child is transformed  intrinsically and extrinsically from ordinary to extraordinary. There are positive changes in self image and confidence, especially when the mind is transported to a world of infinite possibilities.

Storytelling encouraged posterity of culture and history whereas reading aloud inspired holistic development from fantasy, fairy tales and dreams to tales and fables with a moral twist. Therefore the mind is actively engaged as the child learns sequencing and consequences.

Storytelling and Reading Aloud is on the brink of death unless we revive this vital art form.





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