The advantages of Reading and Storytelling from an early age.

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The earlier children are introduced to books, especially picture books the quicker they develop affectively and cognitively. The mind is pliant and stretched into building an imagination that transforms into excellent communication skills, expansive language and creativity, and the world becomes boundless and profound.

The child goes on an intellectual and emotional ride. Children are born learning and developing the art of language and communication. The sensory perception of all faculties are enhanced and most importantly the child becomes a lifelong reader.

Children who go to libraries imbibe the atmosphere of books and its insurmountable influence on their lives. They socially engage with other children who are also surrounded by literature and the aura of books stimulating the emotional bonding of social cohesion.


Visually, the child becomes spatially and environmentally aware and alert. Looking at picture books creates the freedom of thought processes, interpretation and adding meaning with sequencing to pictures. It is an informative pleasure ride of learning and development. The idea of eventuality though choices and decisions renders the possibilities limitless and solutions priceless.

Reading aloud and storytelling enriches the vocabulary, builds language and constructs of fluency, comprehension and communication. Literacy skills are pleasurable and valuable and adds value and meaning to a constructive and elevated life.

The five senses are engaged from touch and smell by stretching the imagination to hearing, visualizing and tasting  by cognitive gymnastics. The flexibility of the imagination allows the child to create images that are beyond the daily peripheral visualization of life and transforms the world into imagery that is universal.

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Code switching and code mixing is easier at the earliest age. If a child speaks any language other than English, learning a new language is much easier at an earlier age. Bilingualism and multilingualism can co-exist in communities with more than one language. The social dynamics of a child is elevated as the child can adapt and communicate on a multi-level platform. Many new languages have evolved through code switching and mixing. The morphology and formal aspects of language is easier to comprehend and communicate.

Reading and Storytelling brings alive dialogue and characters that are preserved in a book and captured in an unknown and different time capsule. copyright: FionamKhan



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